"I am so impressed with the Miron Glass Bottles that I am replacing all bottles in my Aromatherapy business with the Miron Bottles..."

Jackie Buchanan, Heart of the Dove Medicine Lodge

I have done comparison testing a dozen times over the years with different supplements and foods stored in Miron Glass, compared with other types of glass, for a week’s time. By testing, I mean I measure the distance of the field of life/light force radiation with a simple dowsing rod. Without fail, everything I have tested has increased by 30-50%. To me this represents a significant enhancement in the vital life force expressed by that substance.

After all, it is the essence and life force of a substance that gives us the most from internalizing it. Miron glass protects and increases this force. This is the perfect way to store any supplement or food you value. I now transfer and store everything I take into Miron Glass. This is not a new science; in Ancient Egypt they knew this long before I ever did.

Thomas, Mt. Shasta, CA

I love your product. The dark purple tint keeps the herbs from oxidizing. So the freshness maintains for a much longer period of time.

Eddie Manolos
Olive Tree Collectives
Los Angeles, CA

When Samuel introduced me to his beautiful Miron containers I just LOVED the color and concept. I opted for the 16 oz jars, which work amazingly well. And I never, ever get the smell of mildew in my water, even if I don’t wash these jars for a month or two!! I also store other foods, especially my home-made, raw/organic nut/seed butter as I feel confident it will stay fresh. Thank you, Samuel, for bringing us these marvelous Miron jars and bottles!!"

Zahn Lascot, Healing Facilitator & Possibilities Coach
Bisbee, AZ

Last weekend I was shown the Miron purple honey jar. Besides the wonderful look of the jar, the purple colour of the glass keeps all the light out which disturbs enzymes and yeasts in the honey, thus the honey doesn't loose it's flavour. Well, I did taste the difference, it is more than significantly!

The same honey has been filled into a normal glass jar and into a Miron purple jar for the sample. After storing it, you can really taste the difference. The purple jar intensifies the taste and smell of the honey it contains. Another honey has been stored away for over a year - I was really surprised, the difference in taste and smell of the same honey in two different jars is amazing.

Because I do think honey is very valuable, and natural chem-free produced honey is even more valuable, I will fill my next honey harvests into those purple jars. I think especially for natural beekeeping apiaries with high quality honey those jars will really make a difference... ...Filling honey in a container, that keeps and intensifies the properties of the honey, is a good thing.

Endoursement from www.FriendsoftheBees.org